This Side Of Paradise Essay

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The novel, “This Side of Paradise” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a story about a boy from the American Midwest named Amory Blaine. Fitzgerald begins by describing a few background characteristics of Amory’s mother, Beatrice O’Hara, and his father, Stephen Blaine, and how both Beatrice and Stephen came to meet. Beatrice is described as being a very educated woman with “an educational extravagance that in her youth was only for the daughters of the exceptionally wealthy” (Fitzgerald 4). In contrast, Stephen Blain was one who inherited success through the passing of this two brothers and was described by Fitzgerald as an “ineffectual, inarticulate man” (4). Though very dissimilar from each other, Beatrice O’Hara and Stephen Blaine met, married, and…show more content…
Amory and Rosaline were inseparable however, much like Amory, Rosaline longed for a life filled with important social status and wealth. This was something that Amory, as much as he wanted to, was unable to provide. Much to Amory’s discontent, Rosaline chose to end their relationship which sent Amory into a sad state of disarray and questioning the meaning of life. Afterwards, Amory spent his spare time trying to find the answers to his questions in life in the bottom of a bottle. The mere mention of Rosaline sent Amory spinning into the depths of sadness and despair. “Dammed fool!” Amory exclaimed in disgust, and with a voluminous sigh rose and approached the bottle. After another glass he gave way loosely to the luxury of tears” (191). Amory had finally allowed himself to feel the pain through which his first true love had so callously forced upon him. After a while, Amory arrived back to a more sober state and had decided to go back to where his quest to find himself first began, Princeton. Amory began to see himself in a more clear light although it wasn’t particularly pleasing to him. It seemed that Amory was outside himself looking at the person he now was from the perspective of the man he used to be. An example of this can be seen when Amory
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