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My daughter slowly and quietly made her way back to her bedroom. She was trying to make sense of what she just witnessed. Not only could she not believe what had just happened, she couldn't believe that she had not stopped it. She had so many different emotions running through her head. She was shocked and a little angry at her mom and brother for doing this to me, yet she could not deny that it turned her on to watch them. It brought back memories of the night she had been forced to have sex with me. Those memories were still so vivid in her mind. She then realized that it wasn't really anger she was feeling, rather she was jealous of them for getting to experience that intense pleasure all over again. I sat there in disbelief as my daughter…show more content…
That was the fairly standard routine we would follow most times we made love. It was rare that my wife would try to have multiple orgasms because she couldn't easily have multiple orgasms without a break between them. So I was surprised to watch her sit back up and start riding Luke's cock again just as her orgasm subsided. This time Luke sat up and they started kissing. From my vantage point, I could see their tongues playing as they kissed. It actually was very sensual and loving to watch. It was more than sex they were having. They were making…show more content…
"Don't be, angel." I responded. "This whole situation has been impossibly hard on everyone. Clearly, we can't go back to the way we were as a family. Though I don't agree with what your mother and brother are doing in secret, I can hardly blame them." "Of course you can blame them, daddy. They didn't have to give in to their desires...did they?" She added the question at the end almost as if asking for herself. "Desire is often the most intense emotion we feel. Especially when that desire is rooted in love. Your mother and I love you and your brother and sister more than anything in the world. We have always been extremely close to you three. After being forced to experience that love and connection in a sexual way, it is hard to not desire that feeling of ultimate connection again." I explained to my daughter the best I could. "And there is a special bond between a mother and son that is hard to explain. I know growing up, I had sexual feeling towards my mother that I kept secret. So it doesn't really surprise me that this is happening now." "What about the bond between a father and a daughter?" My daughter asked as she looked at me with a look I hadn't seen since the night we had made love. "We have a special bond too. Don't, we?" she

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