The Dark Knight: The Line Between Good And Evil

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A person's experiences positive or negative can alter an individual’s preconceived concepted line between good and evil. The line that divides good and evil is what defines a person’s personal choices but if blurred then an individual might change dramatically. In Christopher Nolan’s film The Dark Knight Harvey Dent is a District Attorney who is willing to fight the mob during the day paralleling Batman who fights them during the night. During the war with the mob Harvey Dent is named the White Knight creating a dualism between Batman the Dark Knight and Harvey Dent the White Knight. Harvey Dent and his love Interest are kidnapped by the Joker, Batman goes to save Rachel but instead saves Harvey causing Rachel's death and blurring Harvey Dent’s line between good and evil. After Joker makes a visit to Harvey Dent he convinces him to search for a darker form of Justice, Vengeance and Two-Face is born going around killing the cops who caused Rachel’s death. In the end Two-Face is killed but Batman decides to take the blame for his murders keeping the thought that Harvey Dent is Gotham’s White Knight. Harvey…show more content…
A White Knight depicted in The Dark Knight is someone who is incorruptible and fights crime in the day. Harvey Dent is the District Attorney cleaning up Gotham in doing so he arrests 90% of the mob. Most of the Gotham city police are corrupt and most do not have the courage to fight against this corruption. Harvey Dent as demonstrated acts in the public attempting to purify Gotham, this shows that he stands for Justice. To a White Knight the difference between right and wrong is very clear it is how a person deals with the negatives. A White Knight has an inability to be corruptible, it does things like sacrifice all for the good of all. The White Knight is a symbol of purity and good that fights for all instead of fighting for

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