The Great Gatsby Chapter 5 Summary

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Chapter 5 Chapter five starts when Nick arrives to his home after a long night with Jordan, and he finds Gatsby waiting for him outside. Gatsby started ask him if he wanted to earn more money or get his lawn done, but nick knew that behind this was the favor about Daisy. Nick was going to do it anyway, so he told Gatsby he didn’t need anything in exchange it was just a favor. So nick invited Daisy and insist her to come alone, Gatsby was really nervous about it and that day he send some of his men for the grass to look nice and cut, and some food, he wanted the afternoon to be perfect. When Daisy arrived it was raining, and at first there was a lot of tension in the room, even Gatsby stumbles upon Nick’s clock. Then Nick decides to go out…show more content…
Gatsby grew up on a farm in North Dakota, on one summer he worked at Lake superior and one day a wealthy man called Dan Cody was sailing in his yacht, and he took Gatsby as his personal assistant during their overseas trip. Dan Cody was a heavy drinker and one of the things he learned while sailing was not to drink, when Cody died her mistress claimed all the inheritance, and since that day Gatsby decided to become a successful man since looking forward for wealth and luxury in his life. For a couple of weeks Nick hadn’t heard of Gatsby or Daisy, so he decided to stop at Gatsby’s and saw Tom Buchanan with a couple of friends and became alarmed. Gatsby unhandy told Tom he knew Daisy, and Tom thinks it’s really wrong for Daisy to go alone to his home and starts to have suspicious feeling about their love. On the next Saturday as usual Gatsby threw the huge party and Daisy and Tom decided to attend, Tom takes the time to tell Daisy that Gatsby’s money is no good. Gatsby notice Daisy is not having a good time and when they left he goes to Nick and tells him he wants everything to be exactly as it was before in Louisville, but Nick answers to Gatsby “you cannot remake the

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