Amazon Rainforest Pros And Cons Essay

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The future of the amazon rainforest has been at the forefront of many national and international debates. Today we are faced with two decisions: Make money quickly by allowing the rainforest to be cut down without any limits or to make money slowly by logging responsibly allowing the rainforest to be preserved for the use of future generations. The pros of the making money quickly would be quick and huge profits. It would lower the unemployment rate for a short period of time by creating logging jobs. It would create cheap wood which would lower the cost of many goods created using wood such as paper and furniture. It would clear land for agriculture, industry, cities and roads. The cons of making money quickly would be that it would increase the speed of erosion in deforested areas, since there would be no tree roots to hold the soil together the soil…show more content…
Another con would be to make money quickly deforestations would have to occur at a large scale causing a large increase in the rate of global warming. There would be an increase in carbon dioxide pollution and methane, since parts of the rain forests are being replaced with cattle farms, in the atmosphere which would lead to global warming. The trees in the rainforest remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and are one of the biggest providers of oxygen. Another con would that logging would not be limited so much of the rainforest cannot be used by future generations. Now let’s take a look at the pros of making money slowly, but more in long run with responsible logging. The pros of making money slowly is that it will not hurt a large majority of species allowing for further research on species to find any cures these species might be able to provide. Another pro is continuous use of the rainforest since it’s the forest to

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