Explain What Major Economic Political And Social Changes Resulted From The Urban Revolution

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1. What major economic, political and social changes resulted from the Urban revolution? Was it really a revolution? Was it a good thing or a bad thing? Why or why not? Economically, people became agricultural rather than nomadic. Settlements and cities formed, followed by small segments of craftspeople, who were men and women. Political changes existed in the form of expansion, which occurred due to lack of goods at home and access to luxury items. Social changes were a break with contacts, reemergence of local traditions, and new buildings and tablets created in a new style, Jemdet Nasr. It wasn’t a true revolution because changes weren’t sudden. Economically, politically, and socially, changes developed throughout a period of hundreds of years. Hunter-gatherers became domestic through the changing of the rivers; the lifestyle…show more content…
After he conquered Sumer, he either built Akkad. Previously, the king of an existing city conquered another for the glory and resources, but Sargon conquered for himself. He instituted military practices of combining different types of fighting forces in looser formations, which influenced Alexander the Great. Sargon placed his daughter, Enheduanna, as High Priestess of Inanna at Ur and used her to manipulate religious, political, and cultural affairs from afar. The stability the empire provided allowed for the construction of roads, improved irrigation, a wider trade influence, and artistic and scientific developments. The Akkadian Empire created the first postal system where tablets were wrapped in envelopes marked with the name and address of the recipient and the seal of the sender. Sargon also standardized weights and measures for use in trade and daily commerce, initiated a system of taxation attempting to be fair to all classes, and engaged in numerous building projects. Furthermore, he created, trained, and equipped a full-time army. (Van Mieroop

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