Mac V. PC Campaign

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Introduction Apple’s attitude toward advertising is that they know they are the best and it shows through their product. Each commercial or ad sent a message which said if you don’t have this then you don’t have the best. The 1984 commercial was the start of it all and after that, their advertisements only got better. Their advertisements gave meaning to their product; if you didn’t have Apple then you were missing out on the bigger picture. Apple’s advertisements made their products what they are today. Compare and Contrast The 1984 commercial was video introducing Macintosh. The video was making a statement that they are going to stand out from the rest and a change is coming. It did not show the actual product, only played once during…show more content…
Their ads always have a message to them. The “1984” commercial started it all; rebelling against the norm and making a change. Then came the “Think Different” campaign and this ad made Apple stand out because once it again they thought outside the box and came up with the unthinkable. The iPod campaign advertisement was colorful, simple and fun. Plus, everyone loves music and the iPod was just the thing for you when it came out. The Mac v. PC campaign shed more light on the greatness of Apple. A computer that doesn’t get viruses and fast; can’t be that. FaceTime campaign was the ultimate ad when it came to selling the iPhone. Getting to talk to your loved one face to face through a phone is the unthinkable. They sold this buy using emotion; connecting to the world. Their advertisements made a connection to anyone who were Apple fans. Each year the advertisements were better than the last and it was never dull just like their products. New ad, new product. Their ads influenced me to get the new IPhone especially when it came to product placement. When you see someone with a new phone or computer, it makes you want it as well. Apple used product placement to their advantage and especially the product

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