The Importance Of Green Brand Equity

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According to Chen (2010) green brand equity, is a collection of assets and liabilities of the environment commitment and environmental concerns related to the brand, brand names and symbols that can enhance or reduce the worth of a product or service. Kang and Hur (2012) argued that broader investment in the green brand-customer relationship (green satisfaction, green trust, green affect, and green loyalty) in the green core competence of a firm optimizes green brand equity. In the other word, investment in the green brand-customer relationship probably boosts green business and enriches green brand equity. Environmentally friendly brand equity is as good as what an eco-friendly brand is perceived by consumers and how much the value of environmental…show more content…
In relationship-marketing literature, trust has been considered as one of the determinants of the loyalty (Alhaddad, 2015). Green brand trust is positively related to green brand equity in the consumers’ perspectives in the green shops (Pechyiam & Jaroenwanit, 2014). Kang and Hur (2012) discovered that there is a positive relationship between green brand trust and green affect with green brand loyalty and subsequently green brand equity has been affected through mediation role of green brand…show more content…
Green brand loyalty A significant element of brand equity is brand loyalty because it decreases the susceptibility or the gap of the brand, has been occurred by the competitors. This permits organizations to avoid depleting resources to capture new customers and keep customers (William & Ferrell, 2010). study of Kang and Hur (2012) identified a strong relationship between green brand loyalty and green brand equity. in the study of Buil, Martínez, and de Chernatony (2013) positive effect of the brand loyalty on the overall brand equity has been found (Atilgan, Aksoy, & Akinci, 2005). 2.8. Green brand awareness Green brand awareness could be described as “the buyer’s ability to identify and to remind that a brand is environmental friendly” (Tseng & Hung, 2013). Ng et al. (2014) stated that by growing awareness on environmental threats, companies are propelled to incorporate eco-friendly features in their products in order to consumer’s green expectations fulfillment (Doszhanov & Ahmad, 2015). If Governmental and Non-Governmental bodies take initiative to create environmental awareness among customers then definitely it will result in increasing of sale of energy efficient and green products (Keller,

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