Bondi Beach Speech

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Good afternoon. Today I am going to retell my experience in the “New Holland”, better recognized as Australia. To begin with, that second I deplaned I could perceive warm waves rising from the heated asphalt dashing towards me. I felt like suffocating. My clothes were combustion, which made me velleity to cleave my clothes apart with some scissors I found in duty-free shop. However, mine intends of proceeding this inadvisable idea, was an immense failure. Despite being warm I decided to visit the beach and go surfing. I reminisced the conversation of the two-fellow passengers which were sitting behind me. Their idea was to visit the famous Bondi beach located outside Sydney. Since I wanted to cool down, this sentiment sounded peachy. Therefore, I pursued the two passengers in order to get information about where to find the beach. These two were very benevolent to me. They clarified that it is a particular buss that drives to the Bondi beach. The busses name is “The Sydney & Bondi Hop-On Hop-Off Tour”. On the…show more content…
Therefore, the people have built the Gold Coast sky point observation deck. From this height, I got a bird’s – eye view perspective of the glorious Gold Coast from the only observation deck in Australia. However, to get to the top I needed to take world’s fastest elevators up to 77th floor where I could take in a panoramic outlook of the ocean and the Bondi beach. Meanwhile I relished the view, I got to enjoy it with sky high tea or cocktail at the café and bar. As my final activity in the “Down Under” I considered doing a Great Barrier Reef scenic helicopter tour. While flying, I admired the views of the Great Barrier Reef from helicopter as I got a multi angle perspective on one of the world’s top natural wonders. During my 25-minute flight, I learned about Great Barrier Reef from an informative commentary. The sights were truly magnificent, and it was once-in-a-lifetime

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