What Are The Similarities Between The 1900s And Today

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authors to this day and have made an impact on literature. I have chosen these two authors to compare and contrast how they develop their themes in their novels. I have found it quite interesting how much different the writing was of the 1900s compared to the writing of today. Although there have been a lot of tragedy's in todays world, there was a common tragedy shared by all in the older days. It was a tragedy that still is, but came with more of a emptiness back than. After reading both of these authors writings I have discovered many new things. Hemingway is the kind of author who writes in short and simple sentences. He uses a straightforward type of writing that is very comprehendible to any reader. If you have ever read his books, you see that he says what he says without describing it too much. He's not the kind of author who will write an entire paragraph on how magnificent the colors of the rainbow appear to be. He says everything with a simple yet powerful tone. Hemingway also does not use a whole lot of dialogue or narrating within his writings. I found this quote of his and laughed so hard at how straightforward he said this, "The first draft of anything is shit." As you can tell from this…show more content…
I personally adore his writing and love hearing the way he creates a dream within his words. Unlike Hemingway, Fitzgerald writes very differently. He uses more of a flowery technique in his writings. Whereas Hemingway writes in short and simple sentences, Fitzgerald describes in long and drawn out sentences. He uses a lot of figurative language and writes in a "fancy"

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