Animal Cruelty: The Humane Society Of The United States

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Animal Cruelty Animals are wonderful companions, especially for families with children. Animals are too often mistreated and neglected. Whether animals are intentionally abused or overlooked as objects rather than living creatures, they deserve to be treated with appreciation, affection, and respect. Every year, the number of animals suffering unimaginable agony and torment are innumerable. What exactly is animal cruelty? Animal cruelty is intentional acts of harm, neglect, or the failure to provide well-being to an animal. There are a few types of animal cruelty: Negligence, organized cruelty, and deliberate cruelty. Negligence may involve abandonment or failing to provide an animal with the essentials; food, water, and shelter.…show more content…
Unfortunately, these actions lead to violence. It is estimated about 10 million women and men are physically assaulted by a partner in the United States each year. Of these, approximately 71% of victims reported their abusers also targeted their animals ("Animal Cruelty Facts and Statistics: The Humane Society of the United States." ). This is an unbelievable amount of abused animals. When a person experiences certain emotions they either hurt their partners or take their rage, grief, and despair out on their house pet. Sometimes when people are angry they yell or they punch a wall. When people feel sad they cry, become depressed, or hurt themselves. When you yell or hit someone you can apologize and do something to make it better. However, when you hit or yell at an animal you cannot apologize and make things better because animals take this sort of punishment to heart, they think they did something wrong. Animals are innocent, loving creatures and do not deserve this sort of abuse. They need a voice. Over the years states have recognized that animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse is a serious issue. Eventually, every state in the United States has created laws prohibiting all forms of animal cruelty. The purpose of these laws is to provide legal protection, but the laws do not grant animal rights. In 1966, the Animal Welfare Act was passed. "The Animal Welfare Act provides regulations for research facilities,…show more content…
"The best way to tell whether an animal is being or had been abused is to examine the animal and its surroundings" ("How To Recognize Cruelty."). When looking for signs of animal abuse be sure to looks for physical signs, for example, malnutrition, skin conditions, such as hair loss, burns, scars, infections, and ticks or fleas, injuries, such as limping, being left outside without shelter, and hoarding. Environmental signs include animals being chained outside for a long period of time with little food or water, animals being in an environment with scattered litter, and animals being housed in extremely small cages with little to no room for movement. "Reporting suspected animal cruelty ensures that animals in endangerment receive lifesaving care,” says ASPCA Special Agent Joann Sandano ("How To Recognize Cruelty." ). By sending a report to the police or humane society, animals can be free from their suffering and move on to a better and more exceptional

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