To My Dear And Loving Husband Comparison Essay

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Contemporary literature evolved far and is very different from past styles of literature, but they can also share some resemblance. Take the works of Maya Angelou and Anne for example. Due to the contrasting time periods they both were living in, the diversity in their writing outweigh the similarities. Touched by an Angel and To My Dear and Loving Husband are similar in that they both have a love-centric theme, but varied in intent behind the poems and writing styles. Even so, no two writers can write the same way for everyone live different lives, but can share similar experiences. One of the few similarities between Touched by an Angel and To My Dear and Loving Husband is that they both share the common love theme in the poems. However, Maya Angelou had a broader idea of love in the sense that it could be romantic, brotherly, or unconditional in Touched by an Angel. Anne Bradstreet focused on the romantic love between herself and her husband as stated in the title of To My Dear and…show more content…
With Anne Bradstreet living in a Puritan environment, her writing style reflects the English style of writing back in the 1600s. The personalities behind the writing reflect the Puritan beliefs of commitment to marriage and life after death in the lines, “Then while we live, in love let’s so persevere. That when we live no more, we may live ever.” Maya Angelou lived in the 1900s, experiencing many hardships in life from juggling jobs to racism. Her writing reflects her experience and observations about love and its effect on people. She writes her beliefs about the miracles of all kinds of love in ¬Touched by an Angel. The lines, “Love arrives and in its train come ecstasies, old memories of pleasure, ancient histories of pain,” show how past experiences of love may have affected Angelou or the people around her. Maya Angelou and Anne Bradstreet wrote their lives into the

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