What Are The Pros And Cons Of Record Management

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ABSTRACT The electronic record keeping system in Finland’s public administration has been bring into useful act by the Defense Forces that acted as the forefront when it comes to performing new technology. Somehow the recordkeeping practices have been abandoned by the Defence Forces. The record management development project, lead by the Military Archives aim to be a guidance for the Defence Forces’ recordkeeping so that it will be more effective and practice the best in handling the records. There approximately 100 independent records creators; as single records creators in the organization that the recordkeeping development practices is based on functional. The records will be placed according to functions and transactions. Incorporating recordkeeping practices and business processes will utilize recordkeeping schedule, new version electronic registry system and metadata standard as tools to make sure that there is evidential requirements for records either by paper or electronically. 1.0 INTRODUCTION The Defence Forces has become a leader in electronic records management in Finland’s public administration especially in technical development. Somehow the recordkeeping practices have been abandoned approximately for 200 years. The traditional records management is developed as the modern information management demands. In addition…show more content…
Firstly the objective of this article is to introduce about the records management projects as the guidance for the Defence Forces’ recordkeeping. Then another objective is to give a better picture about the pros and cons for the traditional registry. In addition, this article shows that how important it is to ensure the evidential requirements in recordkeeping and introduce the exact role of Military Archives and General Headquarters. This article also highlighted the phases of recordkeeping schedule and how important for the records to be handle by experts. 3.0

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