Audiologist Career Research Paper

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The reason why I want to become an audiologist is because I love working with people. Since I was little, helping friends and my family was like an everyday job. But despite the hard times I’ve gone through in my life helping others out, I realized this is what I’ll be good at. Secondly, I love to hear, enjoy music, listening to people talk. Listening is something I’ve always been good at, so I think being able to help others recover their hearing would be a career I love. Audiologists help with patient’s hearing balance problems, using advanced technology and procedures. Most audiologists work in a healthcare setting. Typical job duties an audiologist does are examine patients who have hearing, balance, or any related ear problems, assess the results of the examination and diagnose problems, determine and administer treatment, fit and dispense hearing aids, see patients regularly to check on hearing and balance and to continue or change the treatment plan, and lastly keep records on the progress of the patient (United States). The personality traits that I have according to my DWYA results are being a…show more content…
My interest was into health services, and that’s something that I’ve always had an interest in, which is being able to help others. In my DWYA results, health services is ranked a one, my second interest is aimed in the computer science and technology field. I do as well have an interest in this field, but my choice over this or being able to help and assist ill people, well I would have to go with helping people out. Lastly, science and scientific research is my third interest in DWYA, which is something I’d prefer doing over computer science, but not over health services. Being able to discover new medications or treatments for patients from research would be somewhat like health services, but I’d like to work face to face with a patient. To see what’s wrong and to be able to fix it with medication or with some sort of

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