Cultural Prejudice In Jawbreakers

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Cultural views vary depending on our background and our influences, shaping our opinions and personalities. Throughout the course of our lives we form new opinions and sometimes even let go of old biases. In the end, there are few key components that truly form and affect these prejudices. Whether you are a beggar living in the streets of India, or a businessman living in a fancy home in New York, we always have vastly differing opinions on what is right and what is wrong. How would you feel if one day you came home to find out you were losing your house because it was being possessed by the landlord? You had no time to collect your stuff, and within the next day everything you thought you knew, everything you thought you had was gone. This…show more content…
If an individual learns of an unacceptable event in the family history caused by external forces, they will likely develop a strong dislike for the people who caused created their problems, no matter who they really are. The majority of First Nations people have a dislike for European or Caucasian people. The past, as suggested by the story “Jawbreakers”, written by author Donna Kane, offers the opinion that ever since the Europeans colonized other countries, life has become more incredibly difficult to survive for First Nations people everywhere. The population of their people has significantly dropped by the hundreds of thousands. If this was your people would you not develop a distaste for the people who continuously, to this day, fail to come across with respect for you? This is a major contributor to the forming their views. Many others develop views such as these from the history of their…show more content…
Whether it's our best friends, or our parents, or even our mentors and teachers. They all help in the development of our opinions, whether we choose or not. It just happens. We as people have an inherent characteristic of judgment. We will always have an opinion on something are introduced to. Whether is your first high school math class, to your first time driving, you always develop a mental opinion on how you feel. Whether we like it or not, we are constantly learning and interpreting situations in our minds. The fact that this happens gives good reasoning to assume that the people we see everyday will develop and alter our viewpoints. The First Nations are constantly in interactions with European people who treat them like they don't even deserve to be here. This person who is told they aren't good enough by a white person goes and tells his friends that, and their friend tells their other friends, and the cycle continues. It is impossible to not be affected by what you hear from someone

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