Korean Declaration Of Independence

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Bequest ‘대한 독립 만세!’ or ‘Nothing important happened today.’ You know the first statement if you are Korean and if you are American or maybe the people of United Kingdom, you’ve heard that the second quote was written by George the third in the day of when the ‘Declaration’ was released in America. This Declaration is talking about the Independence, and these quotes show us the differences and some similarities the Declaration of Independences of America and Korea. Both things are declarated of their countries’ independence from other countries’ plunder, included what they intruded in human rights after became a colony, archaism is one of their style of course. For example, ‘hath shewn’, ‘hither’ ‘오호’ and ‘펼쳐지누나.’ Also it implied the spirits…show more content…
Can you guess what they are? Yes, the years that two Declaration of Independences were released. One difference between them is the historical background. Most of Americans are emigrants, which means they were British before, so they had never conquered(except Native Americans of course) or got stringent, just annoyed by taxes. Also there are no cruel plunders makes their lives worse than before, moreover, they are more free kind of religions, taxes, status than people in the Great Britain. Unlike, Korean declaration of Independence’s background is Japanese plunders wrested Korea so much even they pressed schools to wear swords at teachers’ sides. Besides, Korean and Japanese are different races, Japanese conquered Korea using their international experience and pro-Japanese group in before the World War 2 by Japan-Korea Treaty of 1905. The backgrounds of these two things have a big gap and the cruel behaviors they had experienced can’t be…show more content…
Declaration of Independence was often started with ‘George the third’ or ‘Great Britain wants...’ such as ‘He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power’ and ‘For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us’ and it might be confused that the readers can ask “Is this the British Declaration of Independence? Why all sentences are started with Britain? It looks like lame excuses!” In contrast, the spirit of Korea Independence was self-independence, so the subjects of it are Korea or Korean people, or talking about beauty of Korea, the lives before by using similes and metaphors to appeal longing peace, and the emotions that Korean felt about becoming a

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