Jacob Burkhardt Contribute To The Civilization Of The Renaissance

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Jacob Burkhardt- was a writer during the 1860’s who wrote Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy. He said that the Renaissance was a revival of ancient learning; new secular and scientific values that began to supplant traditional religious beliefs. Renaissance- was a time of transition from the medieval to the modern world. Medieval Europe was a fragmented feudal society but through the Renaissance it great by national consciousness and political centralization. Guelf- German and Italian political systems that split. Ghibelline- The Ghibellines contributed to the strife between the cities of northern Italy in the 13th and 14th century. Milan- was a center of trade during the middle ages. Many powerful families ruled over Milan and kept the arts…show more content…
They were nobility and used their power to control the city of Milan. Sforza family- Family that ruled Milan from 1450-1535. They rose from peasantry to a class of authority and nobility. They were similar to the Medici’s in their power. Humanism-When humans started to become more obsessed with themselves and more secular than being all about god. They became obsessed with the human body and that we were made in gods likeness so we should be made in statues and paintings. More self portraits were made and statues of humans. Studio humanitas- the study of the human body and how it works. Many people such as Leonardo da Vinci wanted to study the human body because they wanted to see how we worked and what made us work. They studied bones muscles and the inside of the human body and out. Petrarch- Father of Humanism. Was a collector of classical manuscripts. Through his efforts the works of Cicero and the poems of Homer and Virgil became known in the West. Gave rise to civic humanists. Wrote sonnets in Italian expressing his love for beautiful Laura. Dante- made Dante’s inferno. It scared many people into hell and helped them to repent for their

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