Hammurabi Women

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As one if not the oldest established law code ever found the Law Code of Hammurabi was written to protect the weak according to the code’s prologue. It remarks the different rights of men, women, slaves, soldiers, professionals, children, farmers, merchants, and families. However the individuals who are most benefited in this law code are men. This is somewhat ironic because it stated in the prologue how the law code is meant to protect the weak against the strong. Even back then men were at the top of the food chain and contained more power than anyone else. Therefor if the code really was meant to safeguard the weak it would have pay more attention to the minorities and weaker individuals. Even though it focuses on men and their rights for…show more content…
Although some of the laws do protect women, they are treated as a kind of afterthought and not a main character. Most say if a man has done this or that to a women but not really what if a women does this or that. In law 135 the women is pretty much subjected to the fate of her husband. If he is captured she can have a new husband and give him children; however if he returns she must go back to him but leave her children to the new husband. A women is not her own person and the law does not favor the weaker but the stronger man in this case. The other weaker party in this case being the child is also not being protected because he is now subject to lose his mother over something neither had control…show more content…
All the mentions of them in the code it regards them more as a piece of property then a person. It names instances about them running away and any crimes they might commit. For example, law 278 states that if a man has bought a slave and the slave has not fulfilled his month, but the bennu disease has fallen upon him, he shall return the slave to the seller and the buyer shall take back the money he paid. This paints the slaves as objects such as cattle instead of human beings. This gives all the power to the slave owners (the strong) versus (the weak) slaves. Law 17 talks about how if a man catches a slave and returns it they get two shekels of silver. This is like when one gets a reward for returning a lost pet. None of the laws really protect or benefit the slaves, they harm them instead when they are the ones that need it the

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