Personal Narrative: A Letter To My Hispanic Culture

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A letter to my hispanic culture, You have become a common trend seen on the platforms of social media and a cliche in college application essays. You have sparked various conversations about minorities. Often times while critiquing my friends essays, I notice that they speak about their relationship with you despite the fact that their “humble abode” is an English speaking home, filled with American traditions. On Twitter and Facebook, I also see the same friends making tweets or posting statuses along the lines of “You know you are Hispanic when…”, and I find this insulting. Although, they do classify as second-generation Hispanics, they do not empathize with what it is really like to be a part of this “minority”. I am here to defend your truism.…show more content…
I, am the sum total of you, my dear hispanic culture. I wish more could grasp the fact that they can’t simply “choose” being Hispanic when someone finds the Latin society ‘attractive’ for romantic or educational purposes. I wish people would not be embarrassed by you or answer questions regarding any bad representation of yours with the words “I am Hispanic but…”. Having you is much more than the occasional serving of rice and beans; having you, as my culture, is candidly learning to cope with your history’s past, and learning to defend it. Although it’s an apologetic idea, the Latin American history was shaped by struggle; in a subliminal and political tone, I say that our society is being deemed as uninspired and the crop for scrounging criminals, I am here to fight against that

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