What Are The 3 Emotions In Romeo And Juliet

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When my teacher told me to read the story that call Romeo and Juliet by william shakespeare, I think this book was about lovely or drama something, but it’s not all. It have a passion, hate, sad, lovely, obedience, happy and etc. In this essay will talk about three emotions in this story which are passion, hate and obedience. What is a passion? Passion is an emotion or strong feeling for another person or the things. Passion may be a friendly or admiration, and it's cause of discovery a love. In Romeo and Juliet have so many scene that show the passion like when Romeo and Juliet were kissing together, and it had some scene the have a quote about the passion. For example, in the act 1 scene 3 when Juliet said” My only love is the sun of my only enemy! I didn’t know that when I met him. But now it’s too late!” I think it mean after Juliet know that Romeo is a Montague. She was already fallen in love with him. The information that Nurse tell to Juliet have come too late to save them from this hard love.…show more content…
Hate is a emotion when you don’t like someone or dislike other person. Hate is often associated with feelings of anger, disgust to the other people. and in this story have some parts that show this emotion such as when they were fighting or quarrel together. For example, in the act 3 scene 1, when Mercutio said “You are only want to talk to us? Don’t you want to fight us too.” I think it is a invite quarrels sentence. It’s mean Mercutio want to fight with Tybalt, he think we don’t have to talk anything to them, so they want to fight because they didn’t have a reason to talk and the Montague and Capulet were enemy a long
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