Romeo And Juliet Moral Lesson

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Does Romeo and Juliet still have important lessons we can learn from? Even though the play is written in Elizabethan English the play still does have important lessons. One extremely important one is that suicide is never the option. In Romeo and Juliet everyone knows what happens they make a very immature and rash decision to get married that leads to several tragedies as the play unfolds. When many people read the play they often miss the important lessons we can learn from their mistakes. If the play is taught poorly in school it has even been known to lead to teenagers to commit suicide because it glorifies that when life gets hard you can take the easy way out. Romeo and Juliet can lead us to think if their common sense was taken…show more content…
Romeo and Juliet were teenagers when this all happened. When your a teenager your prefrontal cortex isn’t developed all the way. The prefrontal cortex is the part of your brain that helps with impulse and emotion while your a teenager your prefrontal cortex is making new connections that don’t stop until you about 22 so until then you make a lot of unnecessary impulse and emotion driven decisions. Most parents when their kids make stupid decisions they think there child gave into peer pressure really its they prefrontal cortex that isn’t giving them common sense to make the right decision.Romeo and juliet didn’t have anyone but themselves influencing their decision to get married. The truth is Romeo and Juliet were probably so head over heels for each other they let emotions lead them to a impulse decision to marry each other on the same night they met. Juliet told Romeo “thy purpose of marriage, send me word tomorrow” (act 2 page 407 line 144) therefore if he was able to arrange for them to get married she would. Juliet had just met Romeo and barely knew anything about him all that she knew was that he liked how he looked so she thought that he was good enough for her to marry despite him being a Montague. The lesson we learn here is that if we don’t think about how are decisions affect the people around us passion and impulsivity will take

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