The Civil War: The Effects Of The Radical Reconstruction

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In this quotation, the historian is saying that the Radical Reconstruction was an experiment of creating laws to fit most everyone’s needs and analyzing their reactions. Now that they know what people want, the Redemption was the time to establish all the lasting foundations and laws. The Redeemers of this time period “wanted to undo as much as possible of Reconstruction” (Foner, pg. 648). They did this by making sure there were solid lines between the different races. Establishing those lines meant they had to make it harder for the most profound unequal race at the time, African Americans. Using a poll tax, which was a fee that citizens had to pay to vote, was a very popular way to keep African Americans of the time from voting just like…show more content…
“The Wilmington race riot did not invent segregation in the South but instead cemented it” (Tyson, Timothy B. "The Ghost of 1898.”). Effects of this riot and many others led to the creation of The Jim Crow laws, which were laws that were set in place to enforce segregation where segregation was prominent, the Southern United States. “Segregation was part of the system that was meant to ensure that when they did come into contact, it was the whites that held the power” (Foner, Podcast 4). Segregation, as described in that statement by Foner, led to many deaths of African Americans who raised their voices in hope to change the ways in which they were now suffering in once again. The Black Citizens of Massachusetts even reached out to President McKinley in a letter saying, “We have suffered, sir,--God knows how much we have suffered!--since your accession to office, at the hands of a country professing to be Christian, but which is not Christian, from the hate and violence of people claiming to be civilized, but who are not civilized, and you have seen our sufferings, witnessed from your high place our awful wrongs and miseries, and yet you have at no time and on no occasion opened your lips in our

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