A Lantern In Her Hand Chapter Summary

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You see all different types of characters in the novel, A Lantern in her Hand. The focused character, Abbie Mackenzie, travels with her mother and siblings to go see Janet, her sister that just got married. Abbie and her family make a home there since women couldn’t do much then. Meeting a family there and they were Grandpa and Grandma Deal and Will and his little sister. Abbie gets close with Will. She again travels when she gets older with her husband, Will Deal, and their child, Mack. She meets a few people through her travels in life. She is the focus of this story. So many other characters help her in her life and make the story work so well. The characters that have shaped the story will be discussed. Abbie is the main character in the story. She is what the story comes from. The story has all of her life in it. Her childhood to her adult life with her own babies. She traveled to Iowa. Where her family settled. She met her love there. She always dreamed of being like her father’s mother, refined. She wanted to paint and sing. She wanted to be a fine lady. She had the option of doing this with Ed Matthews, but she choose…show more content…
He was with a little deer that had a strap around its neck. His parents told him to let the deer go and he cut the strap, the deer left. That is when Abbie knew he cared and they bounded over the situation. Will gave Abbie a plant called “love apples” which were poisonous. At first, Will couldn’t go to war because he had to help around the land since his father only had one arm. He felt guilty not going to war because to him it was his duty and he was fully able to. Doc Matthews changed that for him because he offered Will five hundred dollars to take his son’s place. Will didn’t like Ed Matthews. Will was understanding toward Abbie. He was a practical dreamer and always had to work for what he got. Will didn’t want anybody to cry for his death because he would live long with his children and

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