Weight Loss Dbq

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The Doctor was seriously overweight. He was almost over five hundred pounds. He wanted to lose some weight so that his wife would come back to him. One day he came up with a weight loss plan. The plan was to only eat three steaks a day with brown rice on the side. Even with this plan he only lost 1 pound after a month of this plan. He came to his last resort, and that was to ask the very fit Kino for a Weight loss plan. He headed to Kino’s house, he knocked on the door once he had arrived. Juana opened the door and greeted him. “Hello how may I help you?,” asked Juana. “Can I please speak to Kino?, its very important,” replied The Doc. “Im guess… Come on in, He is in the living room,” said Juana while leading the Doc towards where Kino is located.

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