Nike Designed To Move Campaign Case Study

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For the first time in history, children have a shorter life expectancy than their parents, this is due to the slow decline of physical activity in children of the years. The Nike Designed to Move Campaign has taken action to try and stop this downward trend of physical activity from happening. Nike believes that this issue stems from lack of physical activity in younger children. Therefore, later in life, this new generation of kids would have to deal with a higher risk of health related problems such as heart disease. However, if the values of physical activity and health are instilled in children, it could lead them to a healthier life. Everyone should join or support this movement because physical inactivity is a major cause of death, physical activity can lead children towards a healthy life, and youth sports give children an opportunity to learn many valuable lessons. When people think of leading causes of death, physical inactivity doesn’t usually cross their mind. However heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, can largely be attributed to…show more content…
Nike realized that if they could make an impression on children and get them to develop healthy habits when they’re young, it could carry over when they become adults. A child who is physically active can experience reduced stress, increased cardiovascular endurance, and have the ability to maintain a proper weight. It is much easier for a child to rather than an adult to become fit and maintain the proper weight. However if the foundation for a healthy life is built at an early age, then adults will find it much easier to achieve these goals. So even though Nike has marketed this movement toward children and promoting physical activity, the end goal once again is revealed to be that Nike wants adults to be healthier and more active in the long

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