60 Day Fix Diet Case Study

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60 Day Fix Diet System By Jordan White - Detailed Review Hello friends In our today’s post we will review the 60 Day Fix Diet system by Jordan White. For your convenience, we will start with general explanations about this Bible-based diet, continue to a detailed section about its pros and cons, and in the final part will summarize our final thoughts. Before anything else, let’s understand what the 60 Day Fix Diet is all about… What Exactly Is The 60 Day Fix Diet? Created by Jordan White, an ex-Military Chaplain, The 60 Day Fix Diet is a health and nutrition guide that will teach you exactly how to burn excess body fat, improve your overall health, and become happier in just a few short weeks using natural and Bible-based ingredients.…show more content…
As we said, the target audience is Christians who want to lose weight and improve their general health based on Bible-based ingredients. So, if you don’t consider yourself religious or if you belong to a different religious sect, there are better options for you online. If you take time to Google biblical eating plan or biblical healthy eating, you would see there are many others who endorse the same biblical way of eating to lose weight and improve health. However, each has a different way of implementing it. Regarding the 60 Day Fix Diet, there are a few downsides to this eating plan. There’s no guarantee you’ll shed a significant amount of weight or avoid major diseases after following it. There’s nothing supernatural about this, so keep your expectations within realistic levels. In general, if you don’t like religion-based health and nutrition guides, if you’re happy with your current weight and health, or if you’re not willing to change your current diet and eating habits, then The 60 Day Fix Diet might not be for you. On the other hand, if you’re a Christian who wants to avoid stringent diets or risky diet pills, or if you are simply looking for some biblical ingredients that can help you live a healthier life and shed your excess weight faster, then The 60 Day Fix Diet is a great option for

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