First English Literacy Standards

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Introduction Several literacy standards are addressed within the first English Language Arts unit for third grade students in the Cedar Rapids Community Schools District. As the school year progresses so does the complexity of many of these standards. Throughout this first unit of study students will begin to expand their knowledge of literature and informational text through text features, story elements, and an overview of genres. Students use this learning to craft narratives that tell about real experiences, which include narrator, characters, event sequence, dialogue, descriptions, feelings, and a sense of closure. In turn, teachers begin discussions about writing organization and the writing process using common tools, organizers,…show more content…
Esther teaches the other section of third grade and Deb is our special education teacher who works closely with seven of our third graders with IEPs. In order to follow our district’s scope and sequence we decided to focus on the comprehension standards R.I. and R.L 3.1, which focus on asking and answering questions about text. More specifically, students are expected to cite text evidence to support their answers. Given the wide range of readiness levels, these standards can also be scaffolded from simply identifying text features, to answering literal questions with provided sentence stems, to answering inferential questions. Although the end product of these standards seems lofty for many of our students at this point of the year, my teammates and I are mindful that the introduction of this skill should be scaled back during whole group instruction. We decided that during whole group, we would introduce what citing evidence is and why it is important for readers to do. Playing to our audience, we decided to stick with the skill of citing literal text evidence. Although there are several ways to demonstrate learning, we decided to only present four sentence stems for students to choose from the in whole group

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