Controlled Trial Design

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Study Design We plan to employ a double blind randomised controlled trial design to compare total sedentary behaviours and increases in physical activity levels of full time university students following an 8 week intervention. Participants following participant criteria would all receive a fit bit and be randomly allocated into two groups a control and an intervention group. The control group would receive no feedback information. The intervention group however will have access to feedback information. Conduct of the study Study participants who adhere to the inclusion criteria will attend a meeting on the first day of the study. This meeting will be held within university ground facilities allowing ease of access. The first meeting participants will be required to fill out a questionnaire with their required personal information which will be collected for communication purposes. Participants will then be orientated through the…show more content…
After faze one, participants will meet with the study group. Conduct of the meeting will vary between the control and the intervention group. The intervention group will consist of half the participants who will be randomly allocated using their participant identification number and a statistical randomisation generator. All participants during the faze 2 meeting will discuss any inconsistencies in the data and will be given the opportunity to raise any concerns. Those in the intervention group will receive their account password and will be orientated how to access their account and use the supporting dashboard system along with supporting information. They will be instructed not to change their password to their account to allow continual access to participant data. Phase two will then commence with data collection occurring every 3 days and continue for a following 4

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