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Politecnico di Milano International Admission office International Admission Committee Members 20133 Milano (MI) - ITALY This cover letter shows my motivation to apply for MS Civil Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. I strictly believe that the MS Civil Engineering program is extremely suitable to my academic record and background, I have very keen interest in Civil Engineering especially in structural analysis subjects and risk mitigation management. My interest in structure has started when I was a young boy, and has only increased since then. First inspiration came from my father who worked as a labor supervisor for 25 years. The different type of building, structure, bridges like…show more content…
After getting 1 year Turkish certificate (TOMER) from Ankara University I started my BSc Civil Engineering studies at Anadolu University where I am in last semester of my BS civil engineering and I consider myself one of the top student in the class and expected to be graduate with 2nd rank. I consider myself highly motivated, devoted student and one of the best student in class as mentioned on recommendation letter from the Chair of Civil Engineering Department also my grades offers proof for…show more content…
I still need to learn further in term of civil engineering. My country, Pakistan, is vulnerable to earthquake and recently hit with a magnitude of 7.0 on Richter scale leaving 100s of dead and 1000s of without shutter hence it is a must that the structures are designed to withstand the seismic forces. The conventional methods to analyze and design structures under earthquake that I acquired during study, to certain extent, does not appropriate to be used in complex structure. This may lead to ineffective design or overly traditional design. Considering these reasons, I believe that it is a must for me to enhance my structural analysis and civil engineering skill, which I can get by getting master degree at Politecnico di

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