Jealousy And Insependency

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Dependency, Jealousy and Insecurity in Young Adults Introduction Humans being a social animal can’t survive alone and they search for partners. The relationship developed plays an important role in maintaining stability in life and for positive emotional well being of a person. Within a relationship emotions play an important role in holding the relation together and love is an important feeling that drives a person. Maslow (1970) states that love develops when a person perceives that another person satisfies the individual’s “deficiency” needs. Love though is a positive emotion but it gives rise to negative emotions like dependency, jealousy and insecurity and there is a need to study the negativity underlying this positive emotion. Klein…show more content…
An infant is dependent on the caregiver for the fulfillment of his needs and this reciprocal relationship predicts his future tendencies regarding acquisition of his needs. A child who can’t depend upon adults for help would be insecure and unable to learn thus resulting in being a distorted human. Thus as adult, they will avoid people who need help and would have group of acquaintances not friends’ (Sennett 2003: 111). Dependency is defined as the degree to which a person relies on another person for the satisfaction of their needs. It ties people together & is the main notion in guiding interpersonal relationship research, Interdependence Theory (e.g., Kelley, 1979; Thibaut & Kelly, 1959) which emphasizes that someone’s dependence in a relationship is positively associated with their level of satisfaction within (Thibaut & Kelley, 1959, p.…show more content…
Now one experiences jealousy when a highly valuable and close relationship is questioned (Berscheid & Fei, 1977), this threat can be due to real or imagined rival for one’s partners’ attention (e.g., Buunk & Dijkstra, 2004; Dijkstra & Buunk, 1998). These feeling can also result in dissolution of relationship (Daly & Wilson, 1998; Harris,

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