Water Is Wide Teaching

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Just as we all have different ways of communicating, instructors have different methods of teaching. No matter age, gender, or race, no two educators present learning material in the same manner. We, all being teachers at some point in our lives, educate mostly in the same manner as we were taught. Tweaking the material so that it best suits us, or in a way that we can best train an individual to learn, is generally the rule of thumb we follow. The Water Is Wide demonstrates two different depictions of how both instructors, Mr. Conroy and Ms. Brown, interact, communicate, educate, and socialize with the children of Yamacraw Island. In the beginning of the film, Ms. Brown, a seasoned educator at the school, seems to be quite the antagonist of the story. Her appearance is very reserved, and unforthcoming, but also of class and sophistication.…show more content…
Conroy, a new instructor hired at the school, was also new to the island. He had been raised of military background, a native of the United States, and was well accustomed to life in the city. His arrival in Yamacraw may have been the saving grace that the children, and parents alike had secretly prayed for, but would prove a heart-wrenching eye opener for him. He was elated about meeting the children, and all the more anxious to teach them everything he knew. But sadly upon his arrival to class, he was presented with a room of ten students who were untaught, and had the slightest idea of anything pertaining to the school curriculum. Perturbed by their lack of knowledge, Mr. Conroy attempts to present his grievance to Ms. Brown, which proved to no avail or usefulness. But despite her nonchalant disposition, he remained enthusiastic, confident that the children were not unteachable. He would even go a step further from any previous instructor before him, visited the parents of the children, pleading for their assistance, asking their permission for recreation outings, and getting to know each child as an individual
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