Examples Of Utopianism In 1984

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Utopianism For centuries different societies all over the world have tried to achieve utopianism, a perfect society; however, few have been successful at this. There is evidence of utopianism in history, in today’s societies, as well as throughout the novel 1984 and other articles. First of all, utopianism is portrayed in the novel 1984. In this example the idea was forced upon the people by Big Brother, a government figure. They controlled the peoples thoughts, beliefs, memories, etc. Although they thought they had achieved the perfect society many of its citizens did not see it that way. There were rebellions and “vaporizations” of the people who did not believe in the same things as Big Brother or follow its rules. The novel 1984 is an example of false utopianism where everything seemed to be perfect but in actuality everything was not.…show more content…
The people of this community live upon the values of karma yoga, selfless service, and the essential purpose of “deepening the spirit.” This community consists of a small core community of permanent residents, but it welcomes guests to visit and stay and enjoy the yoga temple, spiritual library, orchards, and organic gardens. It has been described as “a strong environment for spiritual transformation. Majority of the proceeding utopian societies were created for religious purposes. Eventually they came to reflect social perfectibility rather than religious purity. Expectations about the possibilities of reform and renewal rose due to the belief that man was naturally good and that human institutions were perfectible. Experiments of this ultimately died off, but for a while they tried to be ideal places where a brotherhood of followers shared equally in the goods of their labor and lived in peace. Searching for utopia required the commitment of the people who found it easy to believe that nothing was

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