Water Contamination Case Study

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Candidate Name: Christopher Cia, 1561 Centre Name: Sekolah Global Indo-Asia Centre Number: ID115 Component: Global Perspectives/01 Area of Study: Water, Food, and Agriculture What are the solutions for water contamination in third world countries ? Introduction The problem of water contamination has dwells in many parts of the world. Most third world countries from various continents like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Rwanda are experiencing water contamination problems which affects the lives, health, economy, living standards of the people, and survival of biodiversities. Clean/fresh water is a very crucial factor for the health, livelihood/welfare, and living standard of the people, and a crucial…show more content…
Asian countries like the Philippines, Bangladesh, and India is also challenged, according to http://www.globalwaterforum.org is challenged to reinforce water laws against water pollution, due to clashing with their development goals, as their country's economy is emerging. National perspectives According to http://petroswater.com ( a water treatment and environmental protection project carried out by NAQWA LTD), Indonesia has half of it's population lack access to safe water and more than 70 percent of the nation's 220 million people rely on potentially polluted sources. On the contrary, Indonesia forms 6 percent of the world’s water source and 21 percent for Asia Pacific, according to jakartapost.com Natural causes off water contamination like volcanoes and earthquake does not contribute to the extreme water contamination in Indonesia, which means human activity is the main cause. Indonesia's rapid urbanization and economic development are the cause of the expanding waste streams from the growing industrial, domestic and agricultural sectors. About 53 % Indonesians have their water from sources contaminated raw sewage which increases the factor of human having water related diseases. Hence, Indonesia’s rapid development, poor urban infrastructure , and institutional capacity are correlated to its water…show more content…
Me and my family's health and life expectancy might be affected as water contamination can affect the quality of water that we use on daily basis, such as for drinking, bathing, or washing our hands, hence increasing our chances of getting sick and dying faster. Water contamination may poison or deteriorate the quality of aquatic animals and plants, where it affects my family economically, since my parents owns local travel agency in Batam Indonesia, where tourists may be discouraged to come to Batam, due to seafood being the main local specialities here, hence affecting my parent’s

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