Was Caesar A Good Leader

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Who is truly better, Brutus or Caesar? Some say Brutus, some say Caesar. Some would even dareto say neither. However there are some reasons, that Caesar is the better leader. And those reasonsshouldn’t go unsaid.Caesar is loved by all the people. After one attempt at king, Caesar decline. However the peoplewouldn’t listen. So they asked him again. He said no, once again. The people asked him thrice, which iswhen he agreed. “They shouted thrice”- Cassius. The people generally love Caesar, and even some ofCaesars enemies disagree. Some knew that Caesar might not necessarily be the best leader, but they stilldeeply respected him for who he was. Or at least what they thought he truly was. Weather Caesar waswearing a mask the whole time, will never be known.…show more content…
As Pompey became king, Caesar was not satisfied. So naturally, Caesar killed Pompey. Thisexplains why Caesar is hated by many people. Caesar killed Pompey in order to become king. This factmakes it very ironic that Caesar was killed, and his blood was spilled, in the front on a statue of Pompey.As we know, Caesar killed Pompey. Brutus very much liked Pompey. But it wasn’t just Brutus. It was allthe conspirators that took Caesar’s life. All the conspirators including Brutus. Even Brutus felt bad and was in denial to kill Caesar. Caesar though of Brutus as a friend, andacquaintance. “Et Tu, Brute?” In English this means, “And you, Brutus?” Caesar simply couldn’t believethat Brutus would be involved in the conspiracy. Caesar Was betrayed, but was Caesar planning onactually going to betray first?There isn’t anybody that dislikes Caesar. Not only do the people like Caesar, but even Caesar’sgreatest oppositions like him. “I know no personal reason to spurn at him….” –Brutus. Even those suchas Brutus, who are so very opposed to Caesar, have no reason to dislike him. For this matter, no

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