Who Is Julius Caesar A Good Leader

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There have been, and still are, many successful leaders in the world. Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi are all very great examples of successful leaders that have led their people throughout history. However, I believe that Julius Caesar is the most successful leader in history. Leaders must have the ability to rise up and overcome tough obstacles placed in front of them, put the needs of others before their own, make difficult decisions, and have a good sense of communication with the people that they are leading. Leaders must also be powerful, persistent, and confident in themselves and in what they do. Most importantly, leaders have to be able to earn the respect of the people they are trying to lead. Julius Caesar was a successful leader because he remained on the battlefield with his troops and was a gifted orator. At the age of sixteen years old, Julius Caesar was already beginning to lead in a couple different aspects of…show more content…
Through his victories in battle, peace was restored in Rome. The calendar designed by Caesar is still in use to this very day, with the slight exception that we now start our calendar from the birth of Jesus. The reforms he enacted improved the economy. He limited the grain welfare program to only those in actual need, established Roman colonies by giving land to landless peasants and soldiers, appointed new governors in provinces and made them accountable so that they would no longer take the wealth of their own people, reduced taxes and improved the collection of taxes, making them fair, and also allowed people of other countries to become Roman citizens so they could participate in both their local governments and central governments. Many of his social reforms brought a fair balance to the people he ruled above (Abbott,
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