Why Is Julius Caesar Bad

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Have you ever felt that you have two sides to yourself and do not know what path to travel in life? Julius Caesar and the Joker both show two very different sides of themselves, which makes the reader question if they are truly good or bad. Julius Caesar in particular is shown in a light where he is viewed as the villain because in the beginning of the book, a reader is told that he has killed one of the leaders that ruled beside him, Pompey. Julius Caesar is truly evil because of his power hungry attitude, even though the village people do not see that in the end. On the other hand the Joker is truly evil but in a different sense. The Joker is absolutely insane and kills others, usually with a knife, without guilt of the wrong committed. Although…show more content…
Around the common people, a reader sees him sacrifice his life and offer it up to the people when it says, “Before he fell down, when he perceived the common herd was glad he refused the crown, he plucked me ope his doublet and offered them his throat to cut,”(Shakespeare 28). Later, in Shakespeare’s play, the people are told that in Caesar’s will he left them land and money. The people then are convinced Caesar was a good guy and should have been pardoned for his doings. When Julius Caesar does bring his guard down, it is around Marc Antony. This shows the reader a side to him that he/she has never seen before. Caesar shares his insecurities and hints to what he has to do to keep his title by saying, “Let me have men about me that are fat, sleek-headed men and such as sleep-a-nights. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous,”(Shakespeare 22). This statement shows that Caesar wants to control the people and become so powerful that no one could even think about overthrowing him. However, this plan does not work out because he is killed early on in the book. Through his actions, Julius Caesar shows the audience two sides to his personality, proving to the audience that he is the bad guy in the end when he shows the real side of
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