Resonability Of Creon Essay

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The purpose of my essay is to prove that Creon was resonable. In order to support my position I will try to bring as many arguments. Firstly, it should be noted that Creon was the ruler and his duty was to take care of his country. As a ruler he had to set an example to others. His orders can not be broken with impunity. Otherwise, his authority would no longer be so obvious, and many have lost in the eyes of his people. Second, Creon guided by a sense of pride and did not want to undergo breaking the law. An important role was played by the fact that the person who dared to oppose a woman. Such a situation even more offended his pride and thus was not able to do otherwise than condemn to kill Antigone. However, the king of Thebes, he did not…show more content…
This man fought against the country, so Creon had the sole purpose of social welfare and interests of the state. He was responsible for order and security in the country. Fourth, as a ruler he could not allow this to disregarded his orders. Not observing the rules that they themselves have set, would cause a revolt among citizens. He was afraid to criticize him favoritism and cronyism. Fifth, remember that Creon embraced governments in a difficult time for the state in previously desolate, which was due to the Sphinx, then homeland beset with many years of blight caused by incestuous relationship with Jocasta. Do not forget the much weakened the army as a result of a fratricidal war Eteokles of Polifeneses. This all contributed to the hopeless situation of the country, which is why Creon wanted to restore lasting peace and order in the country. In conclusion, I will present another argument, namely the fact that Antigone was very close to him, but he could not afford to make an exception for her. Guilty should always meet punishment, and therefore sentenced her to death. In doing so, did the right thing, because it acted in the name of higher virtue of the state. Decisions are undisputed ruler and everyone, regardless of kinship, must take them into

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