Hats In Miller's Crossing

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In the movie, “Miller’s Crossing”, the hat played a major role in the foretelling of upcoming events. On several occasions, I noticed the presence of a hat before a negative turn in the movie. As I watched the movie, I made note of every time I saw a hat (trust me, it was a LOT). It also appeared that the more hats there were in a scene, the more drastic and negative the turn. There is a street scene during which Tom is talking to a gentleman named Adolph, trying to place a bet, when they are approached from behind by two men who then took Tom to meet their boss, Mr. Caspar. This scene is preceded by an entire street full of people wearing hats of all kinds. This scene continues to Caspar’s “office” where Mr. Caspar offers to…show more content…
There is a man downstairs dead on the floor who has set a newspaper on fire with a cigar and two men in hats climbing the stairs with Tommy Guns to find him. He is able to get one of those guns, kill both men and escape the fire into the street where he is shot at from a passing car. When Tom and two of Caspar’s men go after Bernie, all of the men are wearing hats. This is followed by a trip to Miller’s Crossing and Tom is informed HE must kill Bernie. Tom follows Bernie into the woods with his hat pulled low over his eyes and a gun at Bernie’s back. Tom does not kill Bernie, opting instead to tell him to leave town and never come back. At the end of the movie, outside Tom’s apartment building, Tom informs Caspar’s driver he can go home and that Tome will make sure Caspar get home. Climbing the outside stairs, the sound of gun shots can be heard. Tom steps inside and sees a hat on the stairwell leading to the second floor. The hat belongs to Caspar, who is dead on the landing. Tom tries to reassure Bernie that it is all over and they have nothing on each other now and that Caspar’s death will be blamed on Dane but changes his mind; telling Bernie Dane is dead and killing Bernie there in the

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