When Was Julius Caesar Ambitious

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Leaders of civilizations can be looked up to as knowledgeable and courageous figures that strive to strictly benefit the society and its people. Despite this view, there are some leaders that are ambitious, therefore showing unjust cause or action towards the people, even if that action was cloaked and the people had not realized what kind of ruler they were dealing with. Julius Caesar, a play written by William Shakespeare, refer to someone who was was awfully ambitious. In the light of the text, I believe that Julius Caesar did deserve to be killed by the conspirators because he was ambitious. He had intentions of becoming the ruler of Rome not only to benefit just himself, but to also pity his old friends and family in his new, higher position.…show more content…
In the exposition of the play, Caesar has just killed Pompey, his predecessor, and was returning to Rome. This shows that he did this just so he could be crowned king for himself. For example, Marullus tells the commoners, “...And do you now strew flowers in his way That comes in triumph over Pompey's blood?” (1.1 53-54) Marullus is questioning the commoners on their rapid transitions from honoring Pompey to admiring Caesar, a man who had just murdered someone who they had once loved so recently. The evidence shows that one of the main reasons that Caesar killed Pompey was in order to become the new ruler. Essentially, he murdered the king in seemingly good intentions, when they actually were not. He did it not in order to justify Rome because Pompey was a “bad leader,” but rather just to earn a high rank as a new
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