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The language and literacy assessments used as part of center where I work are Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Assessment. According to Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Assessment: Frequently Asked Questions (2014), It is administered by the VPK teacher to the four years old children enrolled in the VPK program and it is a requirement for the teachers to administer the assessment to all funded children. The assessment measures are sided to the Standards and benchmarks for four years old. The standards demonstrate what a child should know and is able to do at the end of their VPK year. The assessment takes a gander at, not only, the children’s progress in skills such as Print Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, and Oral Language/Vocabulary but also in Mathematics. It is given to the child as a pre‐ assessment during assessment Period 1 that is in the beginning of the program as well as post‐assessment during Assessment Period 3 that is toward the end of the program. The assessment period 2 is in between Assessment Period 1 and Assessment Period 3.…show more content…
In Phonological Awareness, the assessment is to see if the child is able to put together a word that is broken up into smaller sounds or syllables as well as to put together a compound word and recognize the remaining word when part of the stimulus word is taken away. In Oral Language/Vocabulary, the assessment is about a child’s expressive word and receptive language. It targets the child’s knowledge of adjectives, verbs, verb tenses, prepositions, and nouns. The assessment provides teacher information about each child and what they are able to do at different times during the

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