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Internal evaluation found 5m Volkswagen cars were affected by the scandal . The VW group has used defeat devices in four of its most popular cars namely - VW Golf, VW Jetta , VW Passat , VW Bettle to settle a complaint filed by the Environmental Protection Agency on the use of defeat devices that disabled certain antipollution systems Volkswagen of America ,paid $ 120,000 fine in March 1974 . The complaint says that the use of devices violated the US Clean Air Act. The man who discovered the Volkswagen scandal emissions John German is the American co-leader of the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), a non-profit dedicated to reducing vehicle emissions. Mr. German revealed that he says he informed VW about its findings in…show more content…
There is no doubt that the crisis surrounding the automaker is moving Germany. Because of this scandal the cost of recovery group could face up to be € 6.5 billion and there could be a huge impact on 600,000 workers VW Group working under some of these changes may be in the form of slaughter at work hours, reduced bonuses, and redundancy. Although at this time according Bernd Osterloh, VW union leader would not lead to cutting jobs. How does the device work? The software detects when the car was tested on road runners and the computer activated the device which reduced emissions. However, the equipment software turned off during normal driving, the increased emissions were above the legal limits, mostly to save feeding or to improve the torque and acceleration of the car. It is not yet known which parts were changed. But professionals focus on parts of the exhaust system that are designed to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide, a pollutant which can cause bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. VW had used two types of technology in their vehicles to reduce nitrogen oxides

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