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1. HOW TO MADE GOOD QUALITY COMPOST By making compost in a heap and to adjust the environment of the heap help to speed up the decaying of the natural fertilizer. By composting organic wastes such as mulch, leaves, manure and other natural stuff that can be broken down which is then used to fertilize and condition soil. It takes about 2 years for leaves to decompose in its natural habitat. The decaying of natural plant and manure can be from 14 days up to a year depending on the amount of human activity in it speeding up the process. COMPOSTING REQUIREMENTS 1. ORGANIC WASTES. There needs to be some organic material in the hep for the process to occur and for the heap to have a good carbon nitrogen relation. 2. GOOD LOCATION. The location of the compost heap compost heap should be located in a warm area so that a chemical reaction can take place when conditions are good and the area must be protected from high wind that will affect the compost heap. Too much sunlight on the heap can dry the…show more content…
4. MY PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE OF PREPAIRING A SEED BED AND CROP ROTATION When we had to plant our vegetable we first had to remove the old vegetable and weeds that were in the vegetable bed. Once we have removed all the left over debris we 1 and a half wheel barrows of compost in the heavy feeders section of the garden and till all the soil in the seed bed to make the soil soft and able to absorb water well and it will be well drained. We then planted the heavy feeder section with cabbage and watered it 3 times a week. We got good results with the heavy feeders and most of the seeds germinated well. We then planted then middle section of our piece of land with light feeders we planted carrots in this section. We did not add any compost and was going to see how it would do, without adding any extra

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