The Importance Of Breakfast In Scotland

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How the Scots Eat I have always felt that they best way to get to know people from different countries is by learning about what they like to eat. We all know our own eating habits and pretty much can say what other people in our country prefer or don’t prefer but we cannot know about people in foreign countries. Let’s take a look at Scotland. The Scots prefer to have a very full breakfast which of course counts as the most important meal of the day but which a lot of busy people tend to pass by. Breakfast in Scotland Their full breakfast usually consists of a full course that includes link sausage, eggs, bacon, tattie or potato scone, fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, black pudding and buttered toast. Now don’t groan I know that most of you think how in the world can one person get all that down in one sitting. Well I would suppose you just eat a little bit of everything. Even though this is a breakfast it is featured on restaurant menus also as an “all day” dish.…show more content…
It gets cooked by constantly being stirred with a wooden spoon and then put hot into a bowl. People like to add milk to it and even toss in some dried fruit and sweeten it with light brown sugar. There are people who prefer having kippers which as cold smoked herring for breakfast. The kippers are produced by being split butterfly fashion from tail to head and then salted in brined and smoked over smoldering woodchips. They are a healthy way to begin the day as one fillet is only 125 calories and packed with protein. Whatever your preference I would say that kippers are way healthier than having a McDonalds Egg

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