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TASK 1 The person that I think have changed the most in “Focus on Change” is Charlie from the extract “Miracle's Boys”. Charlie was sent to a juvenile detention centre, and when he came home, he was different. Since he had gotten home from the centre, he hadn’t talked to his younger brother, Lafayette. He had also, according to Lafayette, been meaner and started to hang out with his older brother Tyree. Lafayette has started to call Charlie, Newcharlie, because he thought that Charlie had changed and wasn’t the same person as when he left for the detention centre. In my opinion, the reason for this is that in a juvenile detention centre, you spend a lot of time with other criminals. Therefore, he had to adapt to the environment. And that’s the reason why he changed. The best example in Focus on Change on how life changes is the text “Young people reading a lot less.” The reason why this is the best example, is because it shows us that reading is getting less and less popular. In my opinion, this has a negative effect on the society, because people get poorer word comprehension. In the text,…show more content…
Change is a part of life. “The world hates change, yet is the only thing that has brought us progress” I think people should think about this quote. Many people think on change as something negative, but are change so bad? And is it true that change is the only thing that has brought us progress? In this article I intend to discuss this quote and look at both the positive and negative sides of change. The text “Banking Via a Cellphone and a Shack” Is a good example on how much the world has changed. The text tells us that many people uses their cell phones to make payments. Just over the last decade, the cell phone use among adults in South Africa has increased from 17% to 76%. This says us how much more digitized South Africa have become in the last

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