Video Games Cause Behavior

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ABSTRACT video games cause behaviour problems, is what most people would like to believe or accept as their version of a truth, But with this argument I shall intuitively dissect my reasons for my opinion on the harms of video games to our behaviour as well as the positive points. One thing that's eminent in life is change. Good change is what we categorise as progress, the rate at which technology advances makes every other technology based invention progress as well. Video games are no exceptions, facing year in year out progress. With programmers and gaming companies creating games in different fields that could be classified as cynosures with exceptional ardent features in a wide variety of fields ranging from war games to strategic…show more content…
Which is fairly accurate pertaining the type of game. Focusing on violence and aggression in video games causing violence and aggression in real life, A great number of studies and researches have been done scientifically to prove the relation between both of them, with some positive results like Christopher ferguson (2014) which says"the trend towards more graphic violent games is not correlated with societal violence" and mostly negative results like APA task force (2015) which says “playing video games can increase aggressive behaviour and thoughts, while lessening empathy and sensitivity toward aggression”. Which I consider the latter right in cases pertaining younger generations, Those of whom’s brains are still developing and state of being that determines their future actions are shaped by what they currently see as well as Do. Video games are undoubtedly becoming daily routines for the young generation, taking minute after minute, day after day and week after week in front of TV screens playing all sorts of games including violent ones. For example a study conducted by Cheryl Olson (2007) titled “factors correlated with violent video game use by adolescent boys and girls” shows that in 2007 the list of the 5 most popular games amongst adolescent boys show, 3 out of the 5 of the games have general descriptions like “blood and…show more content…
Griffiths (2002) “Given Current findings, it is reasonable to be concerned about the impact of violent games on some children and adolescents.” In my opinion more work should be done in letting or allowing young developing minds gain access and play violent games, Because of the impacts it highlights on adolescent behaviours. This is my view on the behavioural impact of violent video

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