Dental Bleaching Research

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The specific objectives are to: -Make an intervention for safe and efficient dental bleaching -Maintain the integrity of the teeth by minimizing loss of calcium and increasing micro hardness –Compare the efficiency and efficacy of whitening gels used for dental whitening –Analyze the increase/decrease in dental sensitivity for patients experiencing home whitening with 7.5% hydrogen peroxide with and without the addition of 14% calcium peroxide –Assess sensitivity, comfort and acceptance of bleaching agents by patients –Assess patient compliance with the method and material used for dental bleaching Aim of my research is to find a way to minimize Calcium loss associated with the use of peroxide dental bleaching. Research Design and Methods…show more content…
The development of scientific studies that may evaluate the effects of bleaching on dental tissues as in an in vivo study are now important point of discussion for scientists. Various techniques and formulas of bleaching agents have been developing constantly to avoid adverse effects. Randomized controlled trials will be performed to determine the efficacy and safety of the whitening gel for the patients undergoing dental bleaching with hydrogen peroxide gel with and without calcium peroxide. The RCT is known as gold standard for clinical trial. The aim of the proposed study is to compare the effect of bleaching on teeth with two different bleaching agents and evaluate average mineral loss and gain from dental enamel (1)7.5% Hydrogen peroxide gel (HP) Control group (2)7.5% hydrogen peroxide mixed with 14% calcium gel (CaHP) experimental group The treatment protocol of bleaching agents will be carried out according to manufacturer’s instructions. Thirty volunteers aged 12-25 years will be submitted to whitening treatments and the enamel biopsy techniques will be done on their maxillary and mandibular teeth, at times as follows: Baseline, 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35 days…show more content…
After getting all essential information regarding the research study, including the procedures and possible risks, harms and benefits, the volunteers who decide to take part and their respective guardians will sign a statement of informed consent. Tooth whitening method using 7.5% hydrogen peroxide gel 15 out of 30 people will be included in this group. Soft tissues of the lips, cheeks and mouth will be protected before application of the hydrogen peroxide by using the Optragate system. The teeth will then be air dried and bleaching gel containing 7.5% hydrogen peroxide will be applied on teeth under the supervision of a registered dentist. The volunteer will be instructed to use whitening gel one hour a day. Treatment will last for 6 weeks and patients will be required to visit clinic after every week. Dentist will analyze the effects of bleaching on each visit. Tooth whitening method using hydrogen peroxide with

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