Violence Against Women In India

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Violence against women is a topic of concern which cannot be ignored as it is hindering almost one half growth of the country. It refers to the violent acts that are committed against women. This is a issue which falls under category of the gender equality or gender biasing. It is a matter of great distress that women in our country are treated in such a manner and are considered to be lower then men in all fields. Violence against women is an event which displays historically unequal power relations between men and women, which have led to domination and discrimination against women by men. It is one of the crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a lower position compared with men. From the origin of social life in the country…show more content…
Time is the real witness of all the sufferings which helpless women bear. Women are members of that society where many female goddess are worshipped. In the Indian Literature, women are glorified as mother means one who can create and nourish a life. And on the other hand, women find themselves suppressed and brutally treated by the men in the same society. Women in the Indian society have always been considered as the things of enjoyment from the ancient time. They have been victims of the humiliation, exploitation and torture by the men from the time of social organization and family life.Violence against women can be domestic as well a public, physical, emotional or mental. Women have fear of violence in their mind which causes the lack of participation and lack of confidence. Violence against women which is counted as crimes under the Indian Penal Code are rape, kidnapping and abduction, torture (physically and mentally), dowry deaths, wife battering, sexual harassment, molestation, importation of girls, etc. The cases of violence against women are…show more content…
Young girls were forced to marry at very early age and follow the traditions of society like burkha and purdah system. It reduces a young girl into a salable commodity and also lowers her dignity. It made them isolated from almost the entire world but except their husband and family. Various obligations restrictions and regulations were imposed on them and different penalties and punishments were prescribed if women violated them. Female foeticide is also one of the violence against women. The new born baby girls are killed as soon as they are born because of there gender, they are unwanted and is seen as a burden. Women are seen as a property to be treated as the husband desires. At a larger perspective it is also because a women is recognized as the weaker sex which depends on men, so he can bully her. It is a human tendency to take out one’s frustration on anyone who is weak to resist it. If a women is uneducated, unskilled and economically dependent, she will have no choice but to bear all the abuse heaped on her. In fact the person who are responsible for the protection of a women assault her and humiliate her. Women have to be persuaded to become aware of their rights and stand up for

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