Compare And Contrast The Civil Right Movement And Women's Rights Movement

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America is a free country, as the “free” mean, people in America have their right, right to speak, right to protect self. Rights are important to everyone. But the right that people had gained today was not easy in history. During 1950s- 1970s, America had broken movement, which were Civil Right Movement and Women’s Right Movement. For fighting the right and equality, they did against in American society, African American had discrimination, they didn’t want have different in their life. And Women wanted free, the life got controlled by men wasn’t they wanted. Through these two movements, there are many similarities, both movements had great leader, they were resourceful and passionate. In that time, African American was got…show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr had given speech to fight against American government. And he was brave on his act. Women’s rights movement was led by Betty Friedan, she was write the book “The Feminine Mystique.” This book was talking about the situations of women without rights. And it conveyed the badly feeling from women’s panic. She encouraged women to fight their rights and formed organization. The organization was “National Organization for Women”(NOW). There was another similarity that both of movement were successful, As a result of Civil Right movement, Congress passed the Civil Right Act. This law made African American got rid of discrimination. Because of the succeed Women’s Right Movement, Congress passed Equal Pay Act, this law stated that women had the same wage with men in the same job. There were differences from the movements, the aim of Civil Right was to eliminate the segregation race, and women’s rights movement was focus on the equality to the men’ right, they wanted to get the same treatments as men. Civil Rights Movement was broken without violence, people were boycotted any facilities of the community, they didn’t sit the buses and didn’t

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