Value Of Respect In Nursing

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Respect is a valued attribute. Respect is a concept that should be used in everyday life. Nurses need to use respect on a daily basis. Nurses need to include many positive attitudes into their everyday life. Respect is an important attribute in nursing because of all the responsibilities they face on a daily basis. Respect may be defined by someone’s own opinion and empirical knowing, but has a more in depth aspect within the nursing career. Concepts can be defined based on the experiences that an individual has gone through which is also defined as personal knowing. Respect is a concept which I created my own meaning of based on past experiences. My own personal experiences have helped me form a personalized definition of respect. I acquired…show more content…
Research has been done on the characteristics, qualities, and related concepts about respect. “To respect another means to regard her or him highly—to esteem, honor, value in his or her uniqueness or distinctiveness, to make space for the person to be him- or herself” (Lysaught, 2004, p. 1). This quote makes it clear that you must always respect a person, it does not matter who they are or where they come from. Individuals should be non-judgemental, caring, and kind to show the utmost respect for other human beings. “Respect is the recognition of the inherent dignity, worth and uniqueness of every individual, regardless of socio-economic status, personal attributes and the nature of the health problem” (CNO, 2006, p. 3). Respect also involves equality, giving equal respect to every person no matter the experiences that have brought them to where they are…show more content…
Browne (1993) suggests respect is an underlying principle for guiding all nursing actions and interactions between persons (p 2 12). McGee (1994) proposes that “demonstrating respect in this context involves focusing on individuals, valuing their point of view, listening to them and treating them as equals in the nurse-patient relationship” (p. 681). The context of this quote is the nurse patient relationship. The nurse shows respect by displaying that they do not have more authority than the patients; they are equals in the relationship. “Client centred care involves, advocacy, empowerment, and respecting the client’s autonomy, voice, self-determination, and participation in decision-making” (RNAO, 2006, p. 12). To achieve client centred care, the nurse must be respectful in all aspects of caring for the client. Caring is an aspect of respect. “Nursing behaviours that show caring include providing presence, a caring touch, and listening in each encounter with patients” (Potter, A. G., & Sams, C, 2014, p. 268). These are all elements of therapeutic communication that nurses need to use while communicating and listening to their patients. For any of these actions to be seen as caring acts, the nurse must do all these actions respectfully to provide the best care for their

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