Perks Of Being A Wallflower: Movie Analysis

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The novel,Perks of being a wallflower, originally published in 1999 by American novelist Stephen Chbosky,has recently became a movie in 2013.The movie has been directed by the author of the book,Stephen Chbosky,himself. The movie has a strong cast,staring Logan Lerman as Charlie and Emma Watson as Sam. The story revolves around the narrator,Charlie,who is an adolescent boy stepping into high school,the novel shows that Charlie is an unpopular and a shy child. Charlie has no real friends,due to his shyness,which is an after effect of some traumatic incidents from his past,taht include the suicide of his best friend from middle-school and the death of aunt Helen. Chbosky tells in his novel that Charlie doesn't have any friends and to bridge that…show more content…
The movie has an excellent selection of cast, especially the way Logan Lerman has embodied the character of Charlie,its hard to think of any other actor who could have preformed this role as amazingly as he did. So was the case with Ezra Miller who preformed the role of Patrick. Both these actors did such a splendid job that a reader who has read the novel feels that Charlie and Patrick both have been pulled straight out of the novel. While Emma Watson also did an amazing job but the fact is her being British ,she couldn't be exactly the “American” Sam. It was obvious that there had to be some parts removed from the novel to produce a 2 hour movie script,but I was surprised to see some important parts also removed especially the poem that Charlie gives to Patrick on the last Christmas,though the poem was not that important but it had a very heart-wrenching feel that one could have expected that this part wasn't removed from the movie,but unfortunately it was. The direction of the movie was excellent especially the part where the three,pass through the tunnel,with the song “heroes” by David bowie running in the background. That part is something the will always remember from the

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